Powertrain development


EMX has strong links with a powertrain design company, with many years’ experience of designing petrol and diesel engines for the automotive market. This partnership was set up to undertake hybrid vehicle projects.

Power electronics


EMX works with various power electronics companies capable of designing and manufacturing low voltage DC controllers, as well as the high voltage drives required for hybrid vehicle traction motors.

Turbines and compressors


A new link has been established between EMX and a mechanical engineering company with significant experience of designing turbines and compressors for use in turbochargers. This kind of technology can be combined with electric machines in the development of turbo-alternators or motor-compressors.


Projects sometimes require the kind of expertise only universities can supply. In the UK we are fortunate to have several academic departments which specialise in electric machines and, over the years, EMX has built relationships with a number of experts in this field.

Shell STEP Scheme


The DTI/Shell STEP Scheme matches low cost, skilled student labour with appropriate technology companies to develop both the students’ skills and the company’s technology. EMX has taken part in the scheme several times, producing award-winning students.

SPEED software development


SPEED software is a widely used specialist motor design package developed at Glasgow University. EMX has provided various forms of support over many years and has plans to develop this further.