“We consider Elektro Magnetix as a valuable partner in our research and development activities. The quality of work and the turnaround times that they offer are amongst the best in industry.”

Rajesh Deodhar, Research Engineer, IMRA Europe SAS.

“We found that EMX quickly identified and understood the technical issues of the unusual requirements we put to them on electromagnetic actuators for camless engine technology. They rapidly provided us with 1D software and design suggestions so that we could try iterations, and supported us with in-depth 2D predictions. It was a very interactive experience.”

Jean-Pierre Pirault, Technical Director, Powertrain Technology Ltd.

“Elektro Magnetix designed a special application motor for us within the specified operational parameters and unit costs. The work done by them was professional and world class.”

Amit Lohia, Director, Lohia Group, India.

“I would gladly say that Elektro Magnetix is an excellent British Company with niche expertise in the design of advanced electrical machines for a wide range of applications, and has an excellent international reputation. EMX has an excellent track record of successful projects. “EMX also has a wide range of analysis and design tools including advanced CAD systems, FEA tools and specialist machines analysis software, as well as a wealth of experience in producing prototype machines. I expect that the Company will continue to grow, especially given the recent surge of interest in electric drives for hybrid electric vehicles. I wish the company continued and sustained success.”

Dr Suleiman Abu Sharkh, Senior Lecturer, Electromechanical Engineering University of Southampton.

“Our ongoing relationship with Elektro Magnetix provides us with a design capability we need in taking on complete projects that involve electromagnetic design.”

Gary McDonald, TriVista Engineering Ltd.

“Elektro Magnetix provided a very high quality design service that helped us quickly evaluate several conceptual designs. They provided timely, efficient and very usable material which we could use immediately. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies and we will use them again”

Philip Head, Technical Director, XL Technology Ltd

“I’ve collaborated successfully with Elektro Magnetix on industrially based projects; they possess a unique blend of skills ranging from advanced modelling capabilities, significant testing experience and a good knowledge of engineering manufacturing. I’ve always found their engineers to be experienced and professional.”

Dr Sandy Smith, University based consultant

“In my professional dealings with Elektro Magnetix on cutting-edge electric motor projects I’ve been impressed by their depth of knowledge and experience. Their carefully planned approach to the tasks in hand added greatly to the sucessful outcome of the projects. I am always happy to be working alongside the Elektro Magnetix team.”

David J. Tompkins, Engineering Consultant