Oil and gas

Electrical machines designed for the oil and gas industry

Together with our partners and network of suppliers, EMX can provide bespoke solutions to our clients for a wide range of oil and gas applications. We have recent project experience within the industry, including the design, procurement, testing and deployment of electric motors for submerged pumps in extreme environments.


Solutions for the electrification of powertrains

The push to reduce real world emissions from vehicles has seen an increasing trend in the electrification and hybridisation of powertrains. Together with EMX partners PTL, we offer a full range of services, from concept design and analysis through to manufacture of parts, for the integration of electrical components within vehicles.


Electrical machines for the power industry

As the energy and power sector diversifies to meet legislation for reduced carbon emissions, increased innovation in technologies is required to meet these targets. The specialist knowledge held with EMX and its partners allows us to offer a range of electrical machines for the sector, including components for wind energy, CHP and mCHP


Electrical machine solutions for aircraft applications

Flight control surface and engine actuation has traditionally been accomplished with hydraulic systems but these tend to be heavy, with limited dynamic response. The current trend is to replace these systems with lighter, electromechanical, alternatives which give high dynamic response and improved reliability.

Fuel efficiency can be increased by reducing the weight of actuation components and subsystems, leading to lighter airframes and lower engine outputs. More precise engine actuation (eg, on inlet vanes), ensures that engines are always operating at or near their optimum power/efficiency point.

Aircraft systems operate in exceptionally hostile environments. Embedded engine components such as starter/alternators undergo temperatures in excess of 300ºC and must be designed to withstand very high rotational speeds. Conversely, flight surface actuators experience extremely low temperatures and are designed for very high loads.

EMX has many years’ experience of designing for aerospece applications where, irrespective of the operating environment, reliability and inherent fault tolerance are always high on the list of essential attributes. Advanced materials, novel topologies and a high degree of innovation are required to produce machine designs which meet all the requirements.